FlexOn SafeOn Junior Stirrups

FlexOn SafeOn Junior Stirrups

From: $319.00

  • FlexOn Safety Stirrup for Junior riders
  • Features all the benefits of the adult SafeOn model but for riders up to 40kg only
  • Unique Flexon Shock Absorbing Technology
  • The outer branch releases for safety
  • Able to be customised in a range of colours
  • Extra retractable arms in a variety of colours can be purchased separately for a completely unique look
  • Inclined footrest with standard grip

Customise your Stirrups

    Flex-on's latest stirrup design specifically for riders up to 40kg. Made from an environmentally sourced polyamide. Features all the benefits of the existing Flex-on models but with an added safety element. They are easy to maintain and clean, just use water

    Supports increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg. The stirrups provide dramatically improved technical performance in terms of shock absorption and ergonomics (a specific feature of Flex-on).

    How it works: A flexible and retractable arm on the outer side helps to reduce the risk of injury; if you fall from your horse, this arm 'breaks' away to prevent your foot from being stuck in the stirrup. The retractable arm can then be easily screwed back into place


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