EquiFit Agsilver Wound Spray

EquiFit Agsilver Wound Spray


  • A colloidal silver spray formulated to be applied directly to the skin to aid in the prevention of bacteria and fungus known for causing irritations such as rain rot, scratches, ringworm and thrush.
  • Gentle enough to be used on fresh cuts, nicks and scrapes
  • Naturally free of antibiotics and environmentally friendly

    AgSilver - an invaluable solution with an infinite number of applications. Made from Ionic Silver, a smart element that naturally releases antimicrobial properties, our AgSilver line helps keep bacteria, moulds & fungi at bay.

    Say good bye to harsh chemicals with this natural and effective alternative for treating skin infections and irritations. All our AgSilver products are natural, free of antibiotics & environmentally friendly. 

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    Weight .150 kg

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