Dy’on D Collection Difference Flash Noseband Bridle

Dy’on D Collection Difference Flash Noseband Bridle


  • English leather’ finish
  • Headpiece & Browband in 1 piece to take pressure off poll area
  • Unique crossed throatlatch system to keep the headpiece back from the ears
  • Cream Stitching
  • Brass Buckles
  • Available to Order
  • Demo bridle available to trial contact-us

Crafted from the finest grade 1 Catalan leather with an 'English leather' finish. Specially designed headpiece & browband in one piece to take pressure off the poll (1st & 2nd cervical vertebrae). Unique throatlatch system linked to the noseband to ensure that the headpiece sits behind the 2nd vertebra - throatlatch must fit snugly against the cheeks

  • Not suitable for horses that show no signs of 1st and 2nd cervical vertebral issues. Consult with your veterinary surgeon.

Notes on How To Adjust a Difference Bridle:

  1. Put the bridle on the horse and set up the headpiece at the right place - it should stay at least a hand behind the base of the ears.
  2. Adjust the throatlatch part - place the 'crossed' part between the jawbone & the noseband (just behind the noseband buckle)
  3. Tighten the throatlatches firmly on both sides. Because the straps are adjusted only on the cheeks & bony parts of the head, it does not generate any discomfort.

Available in black or brown

3 sizes: Pony – Cob – Full

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Weight 1.5 kg

Brown, Black


Full, Cob, Pony




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