FlexOn Aluminium Stirrup

FlexOn Aluminium Stirrup

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  • Unique Shock Absorption system to reduce strain on rider’s  leg muscles & joints

  • Machined from a solid block of  aluminium used in aeronautics to give a strong yet lightweight design,

  • Offset, skewed stirrup leather slot, helps keep the stirrup at correct angle to maintain correct leg & foot position

  • Maximum stability treads with standard or ultra grip

Customise your Stirrups

    Stirrups in the Aluminium Range are made of a special type of aluminium used in aeronautics. The Flex-on stirrup offers sophisticated bending which absorbs shock, with a tread that has a "Grip" or "Ultra-Grip" -surface for better adhesion-, optimal stability and a perfect connection with the mount.

    The stirrup frame with its offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leather is ultra-lightweight. It also offers the rider a special place for personalized communication.

    The Flex-on Aluminium stirrup is fully machined from a solid block.

    The R&D department has designed the stirrup with a complex geometry to give it strength and lightness.


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