Learn about Dy’on Bridles

Welcome to the world of Dy’on bridles, built with passion and dedication to perfection.

The Dy’on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction among the equestrian fraternity, being the preferred bridles for dressage, jumping and cross country by many of the worlds top riders.

Creating, crafting, primary materials and customer service are the first four rules of a long love story between you and your horse.

Dy’on is a constant renewal of the horse’s development within its discipline, the rider within his or her art, and the increasing innovation of the product.

Dy’on Bridles Are:

  • Preferred bridles of leading riders
  • Top quality, made to last
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Manufactured in Belgium
  • Fully supported here in Australia

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I love my Butet Saddle, it is comfortable and Mario fits it perfectly to my requirements! Thanks mate!
The ride I get in this saddle is perfect for me, I couldnt hope for anything better.
Thanks to the team at Kelvin Grove Equestrian, this is a lifetime saddle for me and i am glad I splashed out……
Monika, CyberHorses